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Original price was: 2,399  TAKA.Current price is: 2,299  TAKA.
Experience the refreshing allure of "Cool Wave" by Immerse yourself in a crisp and invigorating blend of oceanic freshness, perfectly balanced with subtle floral undertones. This premium fragrance captures the essence of cool sophistication, offering a lasting impression that's both invigorating and elegant. Elevate your scent game with "Cool Wave" today.

Layali Al Muscat – ALMS CREATION

Original price was: 2,100  TAKA.Current price is: 1,999  TAKA.
Indulge in the opulence of "Layali Al Muscat," available exclusively at This exquisite fragrance weaves a captivating tale of Arabian nights, combining sensual florals, rare spices, and precious woods. It's a symphony of elegance and allure, perfect for those seeking a touch of Middle Eastern mystique. Elevate your scent experience with "Layali Al Muscat."


Original price was: 5,520  TAKA.Current price is: 5,000  TAKA.
Experience the essence of pure masculinity with "OUD FAQAT LIL REJAL," exclusively at This captivating fragrance intertwines the richness of Oud with subtle spices, creating a timeless, powerful aroma. It's the epitome of strength and sophistication, designed for the modern man who seeks to leave a lasting, memorable impression. Evoke confidence with "OUD FAQAT LIL REJAL."